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How To Contact Us

While working predominantly online, we offer a variety of methods to contact us.

Working Hours

Mon – Fri : 8:30 – 18:00


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Mobile & WhatsApp Phone

+34 672 20 64 90

Email Address

Frequently Asked Questions

We tend to respond to WhatsApp and telephone calls immediately.
In case of email message the response time could be up to 1 work day.

We will confirm your scheduled videocall either via email message or phone call the same working day it was received.

In our daily work we use most of all email communication.
WhatsApp messages are also welcomed.

We offer our consulting service in form of a videocall. This is how we can show in real time stones, stages of development or visually evaluate pieces our clients would like to share or show us.

To use this service, our client needs to schedule a video call with us. 

We will receive the request and will return a date and time confirmation via email or phone call.

Our video call service is free of charge and will have duration between 30 and 45 minutes.

We are physically located in Madrid, Spain, which is GMT +1 time zone.

We can provide service to international customers in Spanish, English or Bulgarian language at the moment.

If a consultation videocall is scheduled, it will be kept in the client time zone, independently if it coincides with our working hours or not.

Please take a look at our Knowledge Base page.

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