Gemini Pendant

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In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)

Hand modeled and cast in silver, featuring a citrine stone and colored in enamels, The perfect piece for a Gemini person.


This pendant is dedicated to Gemini sign. It represents two feminine faces looking at each other , united by the love and the compassion. They are located inside an organic-shaped heart. The upper part of that heart is decorated by an inverted citrine drop, which is one of the main stones for that sign.

The sculptural details of the pendant are defined by hot enamel in two colors – lila in the frontal part and blue at the back.

If you feel like this is your jewel, here is some technical information you need to know:

main material: sterling silver, 9.7g in weight
stone: citrine, 0.5ct
colors: hot enamel.

*Note: chain is not included, it is subject of additional choice.

Image Made for you This jewel is made by order. This allows to personalize parts of it in terms of enamel color or stone. Major changes will result in price fluctuation, so write before you make a purchase.
We will need 10 to 13 workdays to have your piece created and finished before sending. Our work on it will start as soon as the payment is formalized and confirmed.

This jewel is a part of TH Jewels’ Zodiac collection.

Each of the pieces we present is a fruit of an internal reading and reflection on the main characteristics of the Western Zodiacal Horoscope.

Every jewel is a result of a 100% artisan work, so an exact repetition of a piece is virtually impossible.

If a label “Available” is displayed under the description part, you can pay and have the design straight away.

Otherwise, we will elaborate your jewel, which could let us introduce some changes, if requested.  

Additional information

Weight 0,03 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm


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